How to Get Ahead in Life: 5 Lessons From a Star Athlete

This morning, the news of pro basket-baller Kobe Bryant’s impending retirement had me dive into a series of articles which I thought perfectly encapsulated a few great lessons on how to get ahead in life and in business.

The story is recounted by Robert Horry, a 7-time NBA champion with – and here’s the remarkable thing – three different pro basketball teams and one of Bryant’s team mates at the Lakers.

We all want to get ahead in life and we have all heard the clichés of “Work hard”, “Don’t give up”, “Be proactive”, and “Take risks” which will allow us to do so. But I realise that I had struggled to understand them properly until someone told me a story which really made them sink in.

Robert Horry’s career in professional basketball is such a story. It provides key learnings on how to get ahead in life for anybody whether you are an entrepreneur or are working for somebody else. Go on and read it, it’s worth it!

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How Does Instagram Work? I put it to the test.

When you set up shop on the internet, your key focus will be high traffic, whether through referrals or organic searches.

A technique which is becoming increasingly popular is to use social media apps as a front end piece to funnel visitors to your site.

Instagram is one of those which has caught my eye. In the following article I will share my experience, so you can learn from my example before you get into the game.

So, how does Instagram work? And what’s the stuff that doesn’t? Follow me…

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How to Build the Brand of You so Vital to Your Success Online

The key to success is to be somebody. Now what does “to be somebody” actually mean? It implies credibility and trust.

Your audience, whether it’s your own family or complete strangers, will only take action if they trust you.

It means that to them, you must stand for something good. You must build A BRAND, you must build the brand of YOU.

Go on and read this to learn how you can create the brand of YOU for your audience and which are the best tools to put your branding into action.

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Increase Readership of Your Blog by up to 60%!

How come some blog posts are such a pain to read? And why do other texts seem to seamlessly enter our brain?

As a blogger you want your readers to get through your posts quickly and effortlessly. Difficult to read is a turn-off. The easy stuff sticks.

Observe these simple rules to increase your readership by up to 60%.

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Use this Cool Game to Increase Your Productivity by a Boatload

What would you give to be able to increase your output many times over? To be able to cross those long due to-do’s off your list?

Well, here’s the technique you’ve been waiting for. It’s not just for natural procrastinators and it mimics the way successful folks get work done.

Go on an read this uber useful post to find out more!

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Picking the Right Subject for Your Blog – Make It or Break It

In today’s noisy marketplace it’s not enough put ticks into boxes as you work your way down your to-do list.

When there is so much competition out there, you will have to create something special in order to be heard.

The only way to make this happen is to ensure two things: that you are passionate about what you are doing and that it adds value.

Find out how to achieve this by picking the right subject for your blog. It’s so fundamental that this is where you make it or break it.

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Why Anyone Can Successfully Publish Online, but Few Actually Do

One of my favourite TED videos is by Prof. Larry Smith. In one of the most inspiring talks I have so far seen, Prof. Smith tells us about why so many of us will fail to have a great career.

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