Why & Who

If you have asked yourself one of the following questions, then you’ve come to the right place

  • I don’t even know where to start. [Not a question, I still have answers]
  • I am tired of this whole corporate thing. Can’t I just do stuff I love?
  • How can I turn this thing I love into a business that will make money?
  • Doing business online is confusing. Which steps really do matter?
  • Where can I find step-by-step instructions for online solutions?
  • How can I figure out what it is people need and will pay for?
  • How do I acquire the know-how and skills to solve peoples’ problems?
  • How can I build a product which sells and delivers sufficient margin?
  • How can I build a lasting audience of raving fans which promote me?




My name is Dan Rengel and I can help you get the right things done!

I help people understand and crack personal change and freedom – end to end, from A to Z.

At goPubliq, we will do this by taking on something you already love and build it into a business.

The material I feature will give you a holistic overview over the entire process as well as deep dives into tools and systems.

What I am really building here is a one-stop shop with YOU at its centre.


Tell me where you come from and I tell you who you are

My journey has been many-faceted. It has included a stint in Medical School and a double degree in business from a Spanish Jesuit university.

My 12-year corporate career took me from positions in project management and process engineering into sales and ultimately into trading.

But that’s not all of it, about 4 years ago, I discovered the world of online business and have ever since spent my days and nights learning about it.

Among other things, I have taught myself to code, design graphics, and above all ways to build audiences and market products.

Some would say, that I am a multipotentialite. Check out Emily Wapnick’s TED speech to understand that it’s completely okay to be this way.

Despite my many focus areas, the two underlying themes I have always loved are:

1) Figuring out what makes people tick and

2) Learning & teaching a new thing.

Motivation and learning are the twin pillars of change. They are not just a business imperative, they are your ticket to your own turn-around management.

They provide the fuel and the tool to completely change yourself into somebody more desirable, not just to others, but to yourself.

If you can build a life in which you love yourself, it will radiate out to people around you. This is where you start the conversation with your audience.

Combined with the benefits of the online space, it’s a perfect recipe for a life it’s worth getting out of bed for.

The bigger the number of people whose lives you affect, the greater the rewards – emotional and monetary.

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Things I do when I don’t work

Given that I am a jack of all trades, this is normally hard to predict. However, there are a few things which have stuck with me over the years.

I have always been into sports and keeping myself fit. These days I mostly run around London’s gorgeous parks, put in a session at the gym or play the occasional match of tennis.

I am also quite outdoorsy. I am a lot about hiking trips and skiing – which as many other things, I learned late in life.

When I really want to relax I have a great cup of espresso and can spend hours leafing through my favourite interior design magazines.

I am also into cooking and I am wondering why I haven’t launched a food blog just yet.


A few fun facts about me

  • I get told off for putting almost finished yoghurt pots back into the fridge.
  • In High School I helped produce an opera which was funded by the NEA.
  • Ever since college, I am purported to have a similar accent to Schwarzenegger.


P.S. Everything you see on this website was created by myself. The knowledge and skills needed to do this were unknown to me a few years ago.

Take this as an example that everybody has the potential to learn and improve. You can do it, you just need to have a good reason to.